Hello fellow parents, employers and community members,  thank you for stopping by.  How can we help?


For the last 5 years we have been supporting parents across the United States and beyond.   Our company was borne of our own parenting struggles and we know it is not easy to raise children today.  Our goal is to help support you with knowledge, tools, information, awareness and insights; all information that we use with our own children every day.  Really, the “most difficult job out there”  doesn’t have to be a daily battle or struggle.  Please reach out anytime for more information, with a question or just some guidance.  We are here for you.


Warmly, Paige, Brenna and The 1 Minute Mommy Team



Speaking Engagements

We have presented over 100 short workshops on all topics related to parenting.  Do you need someone to speak to your PTA, to set up a parenting party for you or to support your employee wellness program?  We have professional resources available for any type, length or venue.  Please contact us for more information and pricing or check out our list of sample workshops.

Temperament Coaching

Have you ever wondered WHY your child does the things he does?  And possibly why the two of you clash so often?  It could be related to your temperaments.  Temperament Coaching can help parents gain more insights into their child’s behavior, learn more about temperament, and have one on one problem solving support for those areas where temperaments may clash.  Read more here.



Parent E-Coaching equals support for YOU.  Do you want a few more parenting tools in your toolbox?  Do you find it hard to find the time to attend a class or take an hour for a coaching session?  Then E-Coaching may be for you.  You can ask questions on your own timeframe.  And you can get answers from a real person instead of through reading a book or watching a video.  Our one on one support helps you with insights, awareness into child behavior and valuable tools to support you and your child.  It also acts as a touchstone in case you just want some reassurance that you’re not crazy.  This is not a one size fits all program, but a collaboration between you and one of our parent coaches to find solutions that work for YOUR family.  E-Coaching can be done through Text, Email or Facebook Messenger.  Learn more here.