This is related to the perception of how “bad” adolescence is going to be and how, in this study, it was determined that this stress alone can contribute to a parents challenges around parenting!  So basically, by thinking and perceiving that adolescence is going to be “bad” then it will be bad because of the way that one parents under this type of stress!

As quoted from the Parenting Stress, Perceived Parenting Behaviors, and Adolescent Self-Concept in European American Families by the US Library of Medicine:

Overall, this study demonstrates that educated, European American parents experience parenting stress that their stress is associated with the way their adolescent children perceive their parenting, and perceived parenting is related to the adolescent’s self-concept in several domains. It is important to recognize that even those parents who seem to be low risk in terms of their socioeconomic status are stressed by the transition to adolescence and the stress they experience can adversely affect their parenting (or at least the way their parenting is perceived by their children). Interventions to improve adolescent self-concept might most beneficially concentrate both on adolescent perceptions of parenting behavior and the stress associated with parenting that may lead parents to non-optimal parenting behaviors. Interventions at the family level may also benefit from focusing on the specific behaviors that make adolescents report that their parents are accepting versus controlling. Furthermore, acknowledging the 3 sources of parenting stress and their differential impacts on adolescents’ perceptions of their mothers’ and fathers’ parenting behaviors could be useful in tailoring more efficacious interventions.