Read the testimonials from our wonderful parents and partners

Paige Michaelis is a dynamic, high energy facilitator. We hosted a seminar for our clients recently where she presented a PowerPoint about positive parenting. She was successful in engaging our parents in great discussion about how they can use positive discipline techniques with their children. The parents that attended her seminar sincerely enjoyed her presentation and felt it was relevant and timely. We will certainly use her again. As a fellow business owner, I appreciate her dedication and professionalism. 1 Minute Mommy is a great resource for today’s busy parents.

Laura Fraker

Owner, Grade Power Learning

Back in November we featured a Positive Parenting class sponsored by 1 Minute Mommy.   I was very impressed at the professionalism of 1 Minute Mommy’s owner and president, Paige Michaelis.  Paige helped me to decide what my goals were for the attendees as well as my organization so I could make the best decision on what topic to present and its duration.  Leading up to the event, Paige, communicated with me regularly to make sure that we were prepared, and she offered valuable advice on how to follow up after the class with the attendees.  As for the class itself it was a huge success!  Moms and dads blossomed in their abilities and confidence as parents under the fun, professional instruction of our speaker.  In a few short weeks they weren’t just parents all sitting around in a circle they were a community that could rely on one another for support and encouragement.  We look forward to having 1 Minute Mommy come back again.

Brandy O’Neill

Director of Children’s Ministry, First Presbyterian Church, St. Petersburg, FL

Thank you for a great workshop Paige! We really enjoyed having you and talking to our parents.

Angie Cruz

Manager, Title 1 Basic Program , District School Board of Colliers County

Paige,You were INCREDIBLE!!!!!!  I enjoyed it so much, and so did those parents!

Patricia Viscomi

SAC Chairperson, Skyview Elementary

Thank you!!!! I had a mom email telling me how much she enjoyed it.  My husband said it was a great presentation and very informative

PTA Events Chair

Lakeview Fundamental Elementary

Thank you!  We received lots of positive feedback!

SAC Chair & Guidance Counselor

Northshore Elementary

Hi Paige!  I really enjoyed your class last week.  I wanted to let you know that after hearing your story about your daughter running late for school and forgetting her shoe and how she is getting herself ready on her own in the mornings, my husband and I decided that our 7 year old should be able to do the same.  We now tell her that she and her 4 year old brother after finishing breakfast need to get dressed and brush teeth and her hair on their own.  And if they are not dressed or have no shoes on they are going to school as they are.  It has worked like a charm.  They are getting ready on their own and it has made the mornings a lot less stressful. Thanks and I look forward to attending more of your classes.

Adrienne, mom to 7 year old girl and 4 year old boy

I wanted to share my experience at one of your classes. The instructor, a mom of five grown kids and a licensed therapist, was warm and friendly and gave concrete examples of things we could do right away. I’m even signing my husband up to take the five-week course. It will be SOOOO worth it!  Having kids is an opportunity to re-parent ourselves while we parent them.  A lot of us were taught that discipline=punishment, but it doesn’t. Discipline is about teaching self control.

Mandy, mother of two girls

Hey Paige!  I just wanted to personally thank you for all your effort with the Working Moms Roundtable this year. I heard nothing but amazing things about your presentations!

Jessica Rivelli

Founder, Working Women of Tampa Bay- Voted Best in the Biz @Tampa Bay Business Journal

Paige Michaelis…tell everyone what you do! In my words…you have made me a better mother! Whenever we speak I feel validated, encouraged, educated and hopeful!! You are so super smart and wise!!

Kelly, mom to 11 year old girl

The presenter was so awesome!  From her class I have already implemented a couple of ideas and have found great results!

Jael, mom of two boys, ages 3 and 6.

The class raised my awareness of how I am disciplining and tools that can be used to improve this.  Paige is very knowledgeable and personable and can really relate to others experiences.


Grandmother raising 4 year old granddaughter

Thank you for your contribution to making all of us more aware and compassionate parents – the planet is better for you efforts 🙂  I look forward to attending classes with you when we return in the spring.

Nadine, mom of a 4 year old boy

I’m so glad to have found Paige.  I am the parent of two children who are far apart in age, and just when I thought I knew everything there was to know about parenting, my younger child threw me for a loop!  Paige effortlessly equipped me with new and effective tools for my parenting toolbox.  Her approach is the perfect mixture of sound advice, humor, and reassurance.  She is an attentive listener who provides excellent feedback.  It’s clear that she loves helping parents and children.  I just wish I’d found her sooner.  Thanks Paige!


Mom to a 2 Year old girl

Wow. Thank you. I’m shocked you remember me AND my story – you met so many employees that day.
Thank you for taking your time and energy to find that article.
I really appreciate it!

Have a great day.


Mom of 9 year old boy

I thought you were great! I love the interactive portions!


Mom of an 8 year old girl

1 Minute Mommy and Paige Michaelis have made my life with a toddler much more enjoyable. I love that “expert” Paige passes no judgment, when she advises me on how to change what I am doing to deal with certain toddler behavior. She has the “Positive Parenting” credentials, but more importantly she carries real field-work mommy credentials. Her workshops are amazing!



Mom to a 4 year old boy

This was a wonderful and informative class.  Made me think what kind of adult I want my children to be and how I can assist them along their path, despite the bumps along the way.


Mom of 8 year old boy, Pasadena Community Church & Preschool

I learned so much and related to everyone in the class!  Paige is down to earth and really shares her own experiences


Mom to adopted 2 year old boy

We all learned so much! It was awesome as we all discussed afterwards the different gems that each parent took away. All of us had different tips!


Mom of 3 year old boy

With your help, my relationship with my daughters is closer than ever.  My girls will talk to me about all kinds of stuff..

James, dad of 2 girls

I feel that through positive discipline I am more empowered because the children will also feel so.

Preschool teacher to 2 year olds

Positive parenting helped from day one.  The tools you learn and the techniques gained for parenting the “right way” are invaluable.


Dad of 2 girls

I recommend for parents with children of all ages.  Positive parenting can have “positive” results for all family settings.

Father of 3 year old girl and boy

Class was very informative and provided practical solutions to every day problems.

Mother of 3 year old twins

I have incorporated many of your techniques and they have worked beautifully.

Catarina, mom to 9 year old boy

Attending this class has provided me with tools to improve my parenting skills and to help achieve my life goal (as a parent) to raise self reliant & confident little people. Thank you!

Mother of 3 year old girl and boy