Tampa Bay Parenting Parties

For a Limited Time Only, a 2 hour customized parenting party for only $200!  (Total.  So if you have 2 people or 20 the cost is the same!)

Parenting Parties is a twist on the age old trend of in-home parties, but instead of selling you another candle or skincare, we are providing you with some serious knowledge. By pairing parents and caregivers with licensed professionals and experts in a comfortable and familiar setting, Parenting Parties allow you to get the most out of parenting education. Explore ParentingParty.com to learn how we can help you and your friends handle a variety of topics ranging from the terrible two’s to teen’s acting out to bullying issues.

What is a parenting party?

In a relaxed group setting with your friends, church group, moms group or any group of interested parents or caregivers, you can have access to a licensed professional or expert in the field, who will help you solve your most pressing parenting challenges. Learn from other people’s questions, discover thoughtful solutions and take away resources and tools to use with your child that can provide you with more harmony in your household on an on-going basis.

Why a Parenting Party?

Benefits to YOU:
More harmony and less power struggles. Bonding with your child and focusing on the relationship with him/her. Empowerment & Confidence as a parent. Knowing you are not alone by sharing your challenges with other parents and getting on the same page with your partner. Plus much more.

Benefits to YOUR CHILD:
Self Discipline, Responsibility, Self
Motivation, Respectfulness, Healthy Relationships, Self Worth and Feeling Good about him or herself.

Common topics for Parenting Parties

  • Terrible Two to Terrific Two
  • Taming Tantrums
  • Teen/Tween Behavior Challenges
  • Ending Power Struggles
  • Positive Discipline
  • Sleeping and Potty Challenges
  • Temperament and Parenting Styles
  • and More

For more detailed information, visit www.parentingparty.com.