Parenting in the Workplace

For Your Company. Employer Benefits: Grateful employees, higher morale, more loyalty and productivity, less burnout and lower healthcare costs. Access our Parenting in the Workplace Brochure HERE.

Content Rich Presentations

Our Interactive, high quality presentations are filled with supportive, stress relieving, evidence based information for  parents, caregivers and grandparents with children at all ages and stages.

Did You Know?

Employees utilizing in-house work/family initiatives were 45% more likely to “go the extra mile” to ensure their company’s success than employees not using the programs.

Success Stories

Johnson and Johnson found that 53% of employees noticed an improvement in their work environment because of the company’s work/family initiatives, and employees utilizing work/family programs were more committed and loyal.

The Working Parent’s Reality:*


88% of working parents are suffering from health related problems.  

80% catch up on work nights and weekends

81% worry they will burn out

59% have problems with anxiety

43% struggle with depression

Increased bullying & cyber bullying, increased school demands, heightened abduction fears, the media barrage against children, and much, much more.  Today’s parents are dealing with challenges a previous generation never even thought about and these levels of stress and anxiety not only affect parents, but our next generation too, their children.  As a result, levels of “misbehavior”, acting out and defiance are on the rise.  Many working parents WANT to do more but may not have the energy after a full workday to seek out behavioral support information.

This is where you, as a supportive employer can help.

You do the work and bring this support to your parents, grandparents and caregivers so that they don’t have to add one more stressor to their already full plate. The benefits are enormous: For the Employer:  Grateful employees, higher morale, more loyalty, less burnout, lower healthcare costs. For Employees:  More household harmony, reduced stress and anxiety, lower healthcare costs, confidence in their parenting abilities, more connectivity with the organization that brought them the parenting information and more of a feeling that they are doing the “right things” for their child.

Did you know:

  • DuPont found in a ten year study of 18,000 employees that employees utilizing or aware of work/family programs were the most committed employees and the least likely to feel overwhelmed or burned out.
  • Stress can increase absenteeism and health care costs, and one common source of stress is work/family conflicts.
  • Employees from companies with supportive work/family policies were half as likely to experience stress-related illness or job burnout, regardless of whether they participated in these programs.

With our professional presenters sharing the latest evidence based information, we can help you to help your employees find more peace, harmony and stress relief. Click here for our workshop and class offerings or reach out for more information.

*2011 Survey.

Learn more by watching our webinar entitled:


Why Belonging & Significance is the Key to Employee Wellness at Work & at Home



How Do Our Programs Work?


We provide:


  1. Positive Parenting Class Series and Workshops.  Typically clients utilize either our 4 or 8 session lunch and learn series or combine the 4 to 8 hours into a weekend session for partners to attend.
  2. Parent Coaching & Child Temperament Coaching.  Clients can either financially support one on one coaching via Skype, phone or in person or offer coaching at a discounted rate.
  3. Group Parent Coaching.  As an adjunct to classes for ongoing support, clients can offer as a paid or discounted service.  Via Group conference call.  Topic based with open problem solving and discussion.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Paige did two parenting workshops for our teammates at Team Horner Group in Ft. Lauderdale. She received rave reviews because of her down to earth attitude and interactive exercises. Her insight is exceptional and she has the ability to connect with each person in the room and help people come to their own conclusions about how to engage in positive discipline with their children. Paige also does one to one parenting coaching for folks in our company and truly is helping families live better lives with better communication and less stress in the home. Kim Kent

Wellbeing Coordinator, Team Horner

Paige’s parenting coaching seminars have been extremely beneficial to employees. Her teaching approach is very effective and the positive parenting discipline tools are most helpful – easy to understand and apply. It is nice to have access to a parenting coach like Paige who can help our employees feel better equipped as parents; a role we all agree, is of utmost importance Kristi Bracewell Hoskinson

Human Resources, FCCI Insurance Group

Hey Paige! I just wanted to personally thank you for all your effort with the Working Moms Roundtable this year. I heard nothing but amazing things about your presentations! Jessica Rivelli

Founder, Working Women of Tampa Bay

Paige is a wonderful resource for parents and anyone with children in their lives. What a great opportunity it is to offer this support, expertise, and coaching to parents as part of creating or enhancing a culture of well-being. I have worked with Paige in a corporate setting and have seen firsthand, the positive impact that her knowledge, coaching and support have with families and ultimately their stress levels. Paige is a true professional and a joy to work with. Diane McMillen

Well-being and Engagement Consultant, AquaCal

Paige Michaelis is a dynamic, high energy facilitator.  She was successful in engaging our parents in great discussion about how they can use positive discipline techniques with their children. The parents that attended her seminar sincerely enjoyed her presentation and felt it was relevant and timely. We will certainly use her again. As a fellow business owner, I appreciate her dedication and professionalism. 1 Minute Mommy is a great resource for today’s busy parents. Laura Fraker

Owner, Grade Power Learning Centers

Paige is awesome! Work life balance is a major source of stress for our employees, and it was so cool to find someone that specialized in this unique niche of parenting. She was well received and did a really great job facilitating discussion and getting people to pause and think. Regina Novak

Wellness Specialist , City of Clearwater, FL

LOVE Paige and her devotion to better parenting! We had her speak at our group on several occasions and each time the ladies talked about her session for weeks following. I encourage you to take one of her classes. Karen Gillman

VP Sales and Marketing, On Pointe Executive Center

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