One on One Parent Coaching:

You + One of our Professional Parenting Educators


For when you are feeling stuck and like you have tried everything.  For when you may not have time for a full length class and are in need of some answers and support TODAY.  To add a few more tools in your parenting toolbox.  When you or your child is hurting and you need to help right away.

During your initial one on one collaboration you will be matched with a professional parenting educator who can support you and your family’s needs.  Our specialists work with all types of challenges and we will connect you with someone who has worked with  your specific challenge.

To support you more, we offer a variety of coaching programs including E-Coaching, Temperament Coaching and Traditional One on One Coaching (read more below).

We can help support you and your child right now.  Reach out. 


“I only wanted to quickly write to let you know that we haven’t even tried all of the things we talked about (can anyone do everything?!), and especially haven’t had the space to make a special spot for Cameron, but we have seen huge improvements anyway!  ..He still has some pretty major reactions at times, but they are far less frequent, and are very often very obviously tied to times when he’s over hungry, and sometimes over tired.  Thanks for all your help!



Mom of 3

What Parent Coaching IS
  • One on one time for you about YOUR needs and challenges.
  • Adding to the already solid parenting practices that you have.
  • You and a professional parenting educator working together to identify parenting solutions that work best for you and your family.
  • Supporting  you and your family with the latest evidence based techniques that provide a reduction in negative child behaviors, empower parents and children and guide families towards more peace, harmony and connection.  Among other benefits!
  • Confidential, between you and your coach.
  • Is a focus on the long term goals that you want for your child- A responsible, self motivated, emotionally aware, capable, problem solving adult.
  • Used as a mentor, expert, friend, teacher, guide and coach for you.



What Parent Coaching IS NOT
  • Parent Coaching IS NOT therapy.  While there are some similarities between coaching and psychotherapy, they are very different activities.  Both coaching and psychotherapy utilize knowledge of human behavior, motivational and behavioral change, and interactive techniques. However, coaching services do not or cannot take the place of qualified mental health services when they are needed.  Therefore, 1 Minute Mommy does not utilize coaching to help with such things as:  Sexual assault,  drug addiction, pre-teen or teen eating disorders, self-harm, severe psychiatric disorders, child abuse, child sexual abuse, or allegations of abuse or assault.
  • Parent Coaching IS NOT us telling you what is best for your child.  We are merely your guides who provide tools, awareness, insights and collaborative, questioning dialogue that will guide you to your own answers.


Frequently Asked Questions

How are sessions held? 

Your sessions are held either over the phone, via facetime or skype.  It may be possible to connect with a parent coach in person depending on your location.

How does this work?

Go to our scheduling page and choose an “Initial” 30 or 55 minute consultation.  During this registration process you will be asked a few questions about your needs, the ages of your children and what you hope to gain from parent coaching.  Upon review, you will then be paired with a parent coach who will be the best fit for you.

May I meet with a coach in person?

We do have parent coaches in various markets around the world.  If you would like to meet in person, please let us know in the notes section of your registration and we will do our best to fulfill that request.   There may be an extra fee for this service due to travel time.

Do you have a guarantee on your services?

If you are not satisfied with your coach or their services.  Please let us know immediately.  We will do everything in our power to make it right with you.

What if I have further questions?

Please reach out anytime via email  at or schedule one of our free “More Information” discussions.