E-Parent Coaching Program

Get Your Parenting Questions Answered Every Day
parents getting coached via email

E- Parent Coaching

We have all read a multitude of parenting books, and while helpful, sometimes you just need to touch base with a real person to get the answers you seek.  Our E-Coaching program provides you with specific answers to the parenting questions you have, in the time you have.  E-coaching meets the needs of busy parents everywhere who may not be able to take the time out for longer coaching calls or who may not want to wait until the next parenting class for answers.

You receive up to one question answered PER DAY for the whole month and you can keep going for as long as you like or need.

This Program Offers You:

  • Flexiblity:  Send questions & read answers on your schedule.
  • Fast Response:  Get answers within 24 hours without having to wait for the next coaching appointment.
  • Long term assistance:  Receive a written record of our work for you to refer to always.

How This Program Helps:

  • It keeps you motivated to work towards the changes you seek within your family.
  • It keeps you accountable knowing someone is guiding you along the way.
  • It provides you with all kinds of new tools and information.
  • It keeps you connected and supported by someone outside your family/friends.

Fine Print:

Limited to only 10 participants per coach at a time.

When you register we will let you know our availability or if there is a waitlist.

Questions will be taken M-F with major holidays excluded.

Questions must be of a “basic” nature vs. multitiered challenges (these can be broken up per day.)

Only $100 per month for up to 20 questions! 

E-Parent Coaching