Temperament Coaching

Knowing more about yourself and your child

What is Temperament?

Research tells us that each person is born with their own individual “interactive style” or temperament.  Core Temperament is the factor that drives us to do what we do in the way we do it.  It is also the foundation from which we:

  • We build our values
  • Shape our preferences and
  • Formulate our reactions to the world around us

Each core temperament gives us distinct information about:

  • How children  process information
  • How they handle stress
  • What they believe about their environment
  • How they respond to their environment
  • How they work with people
  • How they approach tasks
  • How they do with time and in structured situations
  • How much assistance a coach, teacher or parent needs to give and
  • When to provide guidance

All of us have one dominant temperament style, and through this analysis you can begin to have a deeper understanding of your child (and yourself!)

What is included in the Temperament Coaching Session?

  • Core Temperament Survey for all family members
  • 20 page Presentation on the details of Core Temperament
  • Temperament handouts based on age of children
  • 1.5 hour  review of survey results and
  • Collaborative brainstorming and problem solving discussion on temperament clashes
  • Insights and awareness that will help you throughout your child’s childhood!

An unheard of value at only $99.00.