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Paige Michaelis

Paige Michaelis

B.S., SPHR, Certified Positive Discipline Educator, Certified Parenting Coach

I am the mom of two amazing girls who were born just 16 months apart.  When they were 2 and 3 years old I used the parenting techniques that I knew at the time. But most of them didn’t work, and the girls and I kept falling into power struggles. Those usually ended with me yelling, then feeling like the worst mother on the planet, and then crying in the other room so that they wouldn’t see me.  My husband was working 70 hours a week at the time and I felt lost, lonely and inadequate. I knew I needed some help.   I contacted a social service agency to come to my home and give me some new parenting tools. And I used them – and the power struggles diminished. Life was 1000 percent better for me, my girls AND my husband.   Ever since that time I have continuously educated myself in different parenting programs including:

  • Positive Discipline – I am a Certified Positive Discipline Educator for both parents and teachers and currently a train the trainer candidate.
  • Redirecting Children’s Behavior– I have worked with one of the founding educators of the program.  The program’s principles are also Adlerian Psychology based.
  • The Nurturing Parenting Program – A family-centered trauma-informed initiative designed to build nurturing parenting skills as an alternative to abusive and neglecting parenting and child-rearing practices

My passion is helping parents find solutions to the challenges of raising children. Parenting is the best – and hardest – job you’ll ever have. My goal is to bring support, guidance and mentorship that helps families move beyond blame, anger, and discouragement and into love, encouragement, peace and connection.   It’s not too late.   The tools I share are the same ones I use with my own children.  I know that if they could help me, that they can help you too.

Additional qualifications:

  • Certified Parenting Coach, affiliated with the International Coaching Foundation (ICF)
  • Practitioner of the Nurturing Parenting Program
  • Practitioner of Redirecting Children’s Behavior
  • Volunteer with Parent Aide Program, Suncoast Mental Health
  • Member of the Positive Discipline Association
  • Chair of the Positive Discipline Expansion Committee


Brenna Arch

Brenna Arch

MSM, Certified Positive Discipline Educator

I am the proud mother of two kindhearted, thoughtful boys.  Being a mom is an amazing journey, but initially it also brought the most intense overwhelming emotions I have ever experienced in my life.

I began this journey as I was raised – with orders and demands, a punishment-centered existence that made me feel awful inside. I recognized quickly that my expectations of my children were too high, that expecting impeccable behavior regardless of circumstance or example is impossible. The power struggles that ensued were intense and frustrating. Positive Discipline offered a way out.

Positive Discipline threw my family a lifeline. By following its philosophy, I have learned to connect with my children. I now take time to train them to do tasks and consider their input regarding household responsibilities. This parenting practice changed my relationship with my children for the better – and it changed me as well.

I never felt comfortable expressing emotions while I was growing up.  Now, I have learned to take a step back and recognize my own emotions and observe how I am expressing them (or not).  Positive time out has been an amazing tool for me to pause, feel my emotions, gather my thoughts, and respond to my children in a respectful manner. It isn’t always easy, and when I make a mistake (we all do), I apologize to both my children and myself.

Every parenting situation is unique. I love talking with other parents and recognizing that though we share similar struggles, we are the experts on what is best for our own children. I love that Positive Discipline offers so many different tools for parents to utilize.

I decided to become certified and teach Positive Discipline because I wanted to help other parents experience the joy of connecting with their own children, as I have experienced with my boys. I have previous training and coaching experience, and I really enjoy helping others.

I hold a Masters of Science in Management with a concentration in Human Resources, and I am a Certified Positive Discipline Educator. In my “spare” time, I am a parent volunteer and student mentor with Pinellas County Schools. Most of all, I am a parent who wishes to forge a relationship with my children that raises them up instead of tearing them down.

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