This summer was a challenging one for me.  I had more work, the children didn’t have much of a routine and my husband was working a ton. I found myself snapping more, being frustrated easily and not wanting to do much with the kids.  The children were backtalking, fighting more and not helping as much.  It wasn’t much fun as you can imagine.  

One day I woke up and realized I hadn’t been out with my friends OR had ANY alone time for weeks, and having done this previously, I quickly reminded myself of the addage of “putting on your own oxygen mask before putting on others’.”  

And it’s so true.  How many times do we overextend, do too much, sleep too little, and then wonder what the heck happened?  

Putting ourselves first is not being selfish; although it certainly CAN be, but rather doing it in a way that is realistic for ourselves AND our families.  In whatever form or fashion that looks like, it will help you to have more patience, model the things you wish to model, walk away more easily if need be, and help you develop a closer relationship with your child, your spouse, and yourself.  

This week, create the space.  Find the time.  MAKE the time.  And make it OK.  🙂

If you need a few ideas as to what to do, here are 5 pages of suggestions!

Hope it helps!

– Paige