The parenting tip this week is:  “Pay Attention!”
There were two articles that I came across recently that had to do with this topic and that I posted on my Facebook Page.   The first was about how the Chinese have developed a series of public service ads on what parental phone addiction looks like to a child.   And the second discussed how a recent research study revealed that children feel unimportant when parents are overly attached to their phones.
These articles came at a good time for me personally because with the extra time at home with my girls, I have been slipping! and giving half mumbled answers while still looking at my phone, and I know that’s not right..You probably know by now, that I am all about the “Why’s” of something, so here are some Why’s about why it’s not right (from a PD perspective):

1. All people, including children, deserve respect.  By half listening and muttering some response, I’m not being very respectful.

2. Children MODEL things we do more than what we say.  So if we want our children to respond respectfully to us; to put their phones, computers, and kindles down when they speak with us, then one of the best ways to get there is to model that behavior.  (Again, a struggle lately, go figure.. 🙂 )

3.  Everyone needs rules around screen time.  With all of the latest research on how screens impact our brains and behavior, we all need limits, right?  I encourage you to continue to talk about ways in which to manage this beast, and, if necessary, ask your children to help you.

So, if you need to be redirected, let’s do it together.  Let’s pay attention more, look people in the eye, listen and model.  It will be much more worth it than the next status update on Facebook.  🙂

Hope it helps!

Warmly, Paige