I will keep this email short and sweet because that is what this tool is all about!
If you’re like me and most parents, we can sometimes talk and “tell” too much in an effort to try to have our children become motivated to do something.  Oftentimes this can backfire, with all the words going in one ear and out the other and zero motivation happening.The beauty of the One Word tool is that it will almost guarantee that by using fewer words you will garner more listening.

For example, say kindly:

Dog (when dog is not fed)
Cup (when cup is left out)
Milk (when milk is left out)

After saying the word, just wait. See what happens. Oftentimes action takes place!

This works very well when agreements are set up in advance and for encouragement:


Sometimes, it doesn’t take much.  🙂

As always, I hope it helps, Paige