Are you are battling with wet towels on the floor, the dog not being fed and dishes not being bussed?  Sometimes all it takes is a little “mirroring” for your child to get the message about what needs to get done. 

Mirroring is a tool that reflects back and describes what you see in a calm non-judgemental voice.  

It simply goes like this: 

  1. I see a wet towel on the floor.
  2. I see that the dog is hungry
  3. I see a dirty dish on the table.

Although very easy to use it goes a long way towards developing a child’s self reflection abilities.   It also helps develop self esteem when used to notice the “good” stuff, i.e. “I noticed you fed the dog, thank you.”  “Thank you for bussing your dish” and “Thanks for remembering to hang up your towel, that helps our family.”

Hope it helps, Paige