This week’s parenting tip: The importance of teaching children to give back.

The basis of Positive Discipline is Adlerian psychology and within Adlerian psychology is a concept called “social interest”. Social interest is defined as “a feeling of community, an orientation to live cooperatively with others, and a lifestyle that values the common good above one’s own interests and desires.” The benefits of social interest are many, including:
An increased sense of empathy
Greater family cohesion and a
Greater interest in humankind as a whole.
Each December, 1 Minute Mommy brings a group of parents and their children to work in the holiday tent at Metropolitan Ministries in Tampa supporting our area’s homeless population.

The impact on ALL the families has been has been incredibly meaningful.

If you’d like to join us for our next volunteer endeavor, be sure to reach out at

In the meantime, watch this great video by one of my new Twitter followers, Giveable Films! They share what happens when they decide to ‘pay it forward’ and buy people’s gas!

Let’s spread the love, the impact can be far reaching.
Hope it helps, Paige